ZI Podcast Ep. 013: How Breath of the Wild is Revolutionizing Story Telling

August 24, 2016

This week on the ZI Podcast we dive deep into all of your burning topic suggestions. We had a huge swath of topic ideas from all over our fan base and we wanted to make sure we covered as many of them as we could. However, one particular topic about dungeons in Breath of the Wild ended up spinning off into one of the most interesting discussions we've ever had on the podcast about that game... how story will be presented in a world through a method few if any games have ever even attempted to do before.

This conversation sprung up in large part thanks to our special guest this week, Damir Halilović. Damir is actually one of the original founding staff members of Zelda Informer on the whole, though his last days with us here came many years ago now. We also have our usual cast of characters, as in Alfred and yours truly.

ZI Podcast Ep. 012: Is Breath of the Wild Too Scary for Darkness?

August 17, 2016

This week's audio podcast is back in the spotlight, as issues with our video version's audio has lead to a return to our audio version taking front and center. Of course, you can still watch our video version - just don't be surprised when the audio one is more in sync and contains an extra 10 minutes of content. Yeah, that's exactly why this is the version being featured this week!

No worries, I'll be fixing the issues moving forward, but let's get right into this week's worth of podcast goodness. We discuss Eiji Aonuma's weird comments on darkness leading to scariness, plus some new patent information that backs recent NX rumors. As always you can submit fan topics and other submissions to podcast@zeldainformer.com.

ZI Podcast Ep. 011: Zelda & Metroid’s 30th, Shutting Down Fan Projects

August 11, 2016

This week we cover some rather series topics, including some much beloved anniversaries for both Zelda and Metroid, Nintendo's take down of fan projects, and a slew of fan questions pertaining to some interesting Zelda lore. We have a jam packed podcast this week despite the fact that it's just the hosts this week. No special guests, no other staff members from Zelda Informer, this week is all Alfred and Nate going head to head debating about this week's greatest news.

You can always submit your questions or concerns to podcast@zeldainformer.com.

Zi Podcast Ep. 010: The Importance of Art Styles & The Future of Zelda

August 3, 2016

On this week's episode of the Zelda Informer Podcast we discuss the premise for Breath of the Wild, the role art style plays in the series, and offer speculation on where exactly the Zelda series is heading after Breath of the Wild. We are joined this week by your usual hosts and a special guest, the hype man himself, HMK.

If you have any questions, theme song submissions, or just want to get in contact with anyone on the podcast, just shoot an email to podcast@zeldainformer.com.

ZI Podcast Ep. 009: NX Leaks Galore & Breath of the Wild DLC

July 27, 2016

This week on the Zelda Informer Podcast, Alfred makes a triumphant return to his co-hosting duties as our resident comic artist, Trey, and super fan Mason make appearances to discuss some unexpected NX leaks. With the NX leaks taking up a majority of the first half of the podcast, I wanted to reminded everyone of a rather amazing (and sad) story a fan shared with us and allowed us to share with all of you about how Nintendo is keeping a lost brother with someone special while playing Breath of the Wild.

Speaking of Breath of the Wild, we only cover two fan topics this week, but that's because the topics sparked some great conversations around heart containers and potential DLC in the game. We round out the podcast in our typical fashion, as we briefly go over some of our favorite things from this past week, including some positive vibes from Pokemon GO, some good ol' Overwatch fun, and Alfred goes on to express his deep love for the Darksiders theory.

Oh, we also have a somewhat exclusive nugget towards the end about a yet to be announced game. You'll have to listen to find out what that is!

As always, you can send your fan topics, theme song submissions, or any other questions about the podcast to podcast@zeldainformer.com. 

ZI Podcast Ep. 008: Thoughts on Breath of the Wild’s Delays & NES Mini

July 20, 2016

This week's episode of the Zelda Informer Podcast is a bit of an odd one, as we had to call upon our fan base at the last moment to step up and create a worthwhile podcast. This is why some of the audio and possibly video quality... isn't exactly top notch, but who can blame them? They were brave enough to answer the call and we at Zelda Informer are enternally grateful. Is it possible we have some of the best fans on the internet?

This week we talk about all the hubbub around why Breath of the Wild suffered delays and begin to dissect if the Nintendo Classic Edition is a truly good announcement. We then turn things on their head as we discuss our favorite pieces of music from the Zelda series. As always you can send in your topic ideas, theme song submissions, or whatever else your heart desires to podcast@zeldainformer.com.

ZI Podcast Ep. 007: What Makes a Great Zelda Boss Fight & Pokemon GO

July 14, 2016

We're in the middle of July 2016, releasing our first podcast episode in a post Pokemon Go world. The game/app/phenomenon that has taken over the world can't even escape our podcast crew, but long before we talk about the sheer impact of a rather simplistic title, we get into a rather interesting debate about what makes a great boss fight in the Zelda series. Later on we talk about some fan topics that deal with speculation around the next great Zelda game, Breath of the Wild.

There are a few other zany things going on as well this week, including the Zelda Dungeon Informer Marathon. You'll be able to start watching it right over on our twitch channel this Saturday. We're also looking to bring on more volunteers to our staff and you can find out more about that in our "hiring" post

As always, you can submit fan topics, ask us questions, or send any other various inquiry to podcast@zeldainformer.com.

We also have a video version of this podcast available here.

ZI Podcast Ep. 006: Leaked Hyrule Warriors DLC, Zelda in a Rut, & More Multiplayer

July 6, 2016

We're finally almost back to our regular schedule, though before we can get directly into the topics this week we do have a little score to settle in terms of our somewhat controversial tie in our E3 betting results. So we settle the score right off the bat with what I personally would describe as a come from behind, totally unexpected, victory. After those shenanigans we get back into our regular format.

This week we talk about the leaked Hyrule Warriors DLCNintendo admitting that Zelda is in a rut, and how Eiji Aonuma wants to make even more multiplayer Zelda experiences. We also cover a few fan topics and discuss at length some some of the joy and frustration in a couple YouTubers being outed for some extremely shady stuff.

As always, you can send topic submissions, questions, or any other inquiries to podcast@zeldainformer.com. You can also support this podcast, and a potential new podcast focused on everything Nintendo, right here on patreon.

ZI Podcast Ep. 005: Zelda Series Gender Debate Put to Rest & E3 Bets Results

June 30, 2016

This weeks podcast features yours truly, with our regular co-host Alfred back in his usual spot as a ZI Podcast first timer joins us. This weeks podcast finally gets to put to rest the seemingly endless gender debate, thanks in large part to Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto. Speaking from a very personal level with this, I am glad that this will be the last time this topic comes up on Zelda Informer. We also finally learn about and discuss the causes behind delays in Zelda game release dates.

We had some fine fan topics this time around as well, but what is truly notable is the last segment of this week's podcast deals with our E3 Bets Results. Who won? You'll have to listen to find out!

As always you can send submissions, fan topics, or whatever questions you may have to podcast@zeldainformer.com.

ZI Podcast Ep. 004: Breath of the Wild & NX Speculation

June 22, 2016

We've arrived at our first episode of the Zelda Informer Podcast after the whirlwind of information that hit us during E3 2016. There is a lot to go over, but before I get into what we cover this week I wanted to note that we do not talk about our E3 bets in this episode due to Alfred having internet issues and quite honestly due to my life being so busy I have not been able to compile the results just yet.

That being said it's no surprise we're talking about Breath of the Wild and you honestly should be expecting us to talk a lot about this game each week as we get closer and closer to release, given that new news about the game is going to be trickled out over time. We also get to talk about the some interesting news in regards to the NX and a small tidbit on the future of the Zelda series after Breath of the Wild releases.
We're back to our standard format, though if you are curious for more demo impressions be sure to check out last week's in person podcast.