ZI Podcast Ep. 021: Justifying Walkthroughs & Story in Zelda Games

October 20, 2016

In case you haven't heard, we're getting a three minute preview of the Nintendo NX on October 20th. Yeah, that's happening. So as is typical with a weekly podcast, massive news is hitting pretty much right after this bad boy is live. Crazy life we live huh? I give you one guess into what our major topic will be next week. One we simply can't ignore!

That being said, this week it's Colin (from our old podcast) and Alfred joining Nate to talk about Walkthroughs and story in the Zelda series, specifically what they mean for the fan base at large. We apparently also chose the perfect week to not talk about NX - this may be the first podcast yet to barely breath a mention of it. Apparently that's some sort of omen. When we ignore something, it happens. We need to keep this in mind moving forward.

Also for those audio only listeners - we didn't not do episode 20! It's just... well... watch the video version of it and you'll quickly see why we didn't have one last week. Enjoy!

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ZI Podcast Ep. 019: Breath of the Wild’s Lack of Traditions

October 5, 2016

This week’s ZI Podcast features just Alfred and Nate as we get chance to cover some actual Zelda news, though it leads to discussion that feels as if things are being taken out of context. For those curious, the piece of news I am talking about deals with the official art for Breath of the Wild. We also looked at some comments about the bow and how that applies to Breath of the Wild.

This past week we also launched the ZD-i Forums with a giveaway and I personally started a brand new podcast called the NP Podcast, with our first episode covering our five favorite games on each of Nintendo’s platforms. It’s a bit of a different format from this cast, so why not give it a listen/watch?

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ZI Podcast Ep. 016: Saying Farewell to the Wii U & Airing Some NX Frustration

September 15, 2016

I have made a triumphant return to the podcast after a one week hiatus to talk about the lasting legacy of the Wii U and why I am so frustrated with Nintendo's handling (or lack of handling) the NX information train. Our usual cohost Alfred is in the house as well as we are also joined by a brand new staff member at Zelda Informer, Daniel, along with Macintyre from Macintyre Productions.

There is some audio flubs with Macintyre's stuff, though I did my best to make it understandable. The first 13 minutes features some low quality audio on his end, but then it magically corrects itself into some higher quality stuff, though I was unable to completely remove all of his background noise. If he's on again, I'll have to talk to him about how to improve that situation - but setting that aside we are highly appreciative of his presence this week. He always has something intelligent to add into any conversation about the Zelda series.

ZI Podcast Ep. 015 Does Breath of the Wild Mark the End of Linear Zelda Games?

September 7, 2016

This week I take my first "break" from the podcast as Alfred takes the reigns with an absolutely stellar cast, including our Managing Editor Darrin. The special guests this week include NintenDaan and Macintyre Productions. We do not have a video version this week due to me taking a week off, but our audio version is fully loaded and edited in full by Alfred (for those unaware, I typically handle all the editing for all versions of the podcast).

We briefly touch base on some of the Nintendo Direct announcements before quickly getting into NX and Sony talks with some nifty fan topics, including a great one about the direction of the future of the Zelda series.

ZI Podcast Ep. 014: NX Rumor Fest & is Nintendo at Fault for Zelda CD-i?

September 1, 2016

We're back talking about NX rumors, but also possibly the most important conversation we've ever had about Zelda CD-i (to be fair, we don't really talk about that trilogy of games much in the first place). Why do we talk about them this week? Well, Nintendo could have shut those bad boys down if they wanted to. Of course, the previous week didn't go without an NX rumor or two.

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ZI Podcast Ep. 013: How Breath of the Wild is Revolutionizing Story Telling

August 24, 2016

This week on the ZI Podcast we dive deep into all of your burning topic suggestions. We had a huge swath of topic ideas from all over our fan base and we wanted to make sure we covered as many of them as we could. However, one particular topic about dungeons in Breath of the Wild ended up spinning off into one of the most interesting discussions we've ever had on the podcast about that game... how story will be presented in a world through a method few if any games have ever even attempted to do before.

This conversation sprung up in large part thanks to our special guest this week, Damir Halilović. Damir is actually one of the original founding staff members of Zelda Informer on the whole, though his last days with us here came many years ago now. We also have our usual cast of characters, as in Alfred and yours truly.

ZI Podcast Ep. 012: Is Breath of the Wild Too Scary for Darkness?

August 17, 2016

This week's audio podcast is back in the spotlight, as issues with our video version's audio has lead to a return to our audio version taking front and center. Of course, you can still watch our video version - just don't be surprised when the audio one is more in sync and contains an extra 10 minutes of content. Yeah, that's exactly why this is the version being featured this week!

No worries, I'll be fixing the issues moving forward, but let's get right into this week's worth of podcast goodness. We discuss Eiji Aonuma's weird comments on darkness leading to scariness, plus some new patent information that backs recent NX rumors. As always you can submit fan topics and other submissions to podcast@zeldainformer.com.

ZI Podcast Ep. 011: Zelda & Metroid’s 30th, Shutting Down Fan Projects

August 11, 2016

This week we cover some rather series topics, including some much beloved anniversaries for both Zelda and Metroid, Nintendo's take down of fan projects, and a slew of fan questions pertaining to some interesting Zelda lore. We have a jam packed podcast this week despite the fact that it's just the hosts this week. No special guests, no other staff members from Zelda Informer, this week is all Alfred and Nate going head to head debating about this week's greatest news.

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